Industrial Designs online searching

AI Design recognition is a revolutionary feature using AI to conduct design searches. This technology is a major step forward as it is more reliable, faster and less expensive than previous search methods. These searches are independent from error-prone Locarno classes.

Searches are conducted on over 20 000 000 active and inactive designs in 97 registers (see database coverage).

Owner searches

Searches by owner’s name are also available.


Access key business intelligence information hidden within Design data.

Answer unexpected business information instantly by processing millions of records.

Interested in owner information and what their portfolio is? Monitor their activity and who represents them.

Interested in representatives?

Where do they operate and who are their clients?

Who are the key design owners in your region?

Your prospects and clients?

Where are their rights? Who are their representatives?


After a search, be notified of any new occurrence meeting your search criteria.

Be notified of any event important to you.

Monitor your competitors’ filing activity.