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Multicriteria Expert search tool Trademarks


THE tool for custom searches

Search easily from over 40 search criteria available and Boolean operators & wildcards.

Easy to use
Search any character directly (Chinese,…)
All goods & services translated into English
Analytics Expert search tool Trademarks


Get access to key business intelligence information within PTO data, processing millions of records instantly to answer close to any business question.

Comprehensive analysis of owners (portfolio, activity, relevant IP firms, etc)
Representative analysis and benchmarking
Track prospect, prepare list based on location, activity area, etc Ideal for conference and meeting preparation
Alerts Expert search tool Trademarks


Alerts can simply be setup on any search to be notified of new occurrences at the frequency of your choice.

Be notified of any event of importance to you
Track trademark or design updates
Competitor and regional filing activity monitoring
Trademark update alerts
Wordmark similarity Expert search tool Trademarks

Wordmark similarity

Powered by automatic algorithms to retrieve results ranked by relevance based on case law.

Word Similarity makes it easy to check the availability of a trademark locally and worldwide.

A full automated search algorithm, from knock-out to full similarity searches.
Search strategy can be manually adapted if needed.
Search verifies and automatically includes word definitions in relevant languages when applicable.
Analytics Expert search tool Trademarks

AI Figurative Recognition

AI Figurative recognition is a revolutionary logo/device search powered by AI.

This technology helps you to retrieve the most similar records purely based on images.
Independent from Vienna classes it increases reliability at an unseen speed.
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Analytics Expert search tool Trademarks

AI Design Recognition

AI Design recognition is a revolutionary feature using AI to conduct industrial design searches.

Get reliable industrial designs independently from Locarno-classes in few seconds.
This technology is a major step forward as it is more reliable, faster, and less expensive than previous search methods.
Multicriteria Expert search tool Trademarks


It is important to ensure that your brand remains unique, and therefore to remain vigilant against infringements. Fovea IP offers several monitoring services:

Trademarks watch
Applicant/ Owner watch
Industrial design watch
Domains names watch

In 2020 more than 12 million trademarks have been registered. Watching your trademark is more important than ever.

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Offline searches Expert search tool Trademarks

Ordered searches

Order offline searches performed by trained analysts

Searches are customized with client interaction
Upload results for analysis and opinion generation
Share results with external agents for local opinion integration
Customize search reports for clients

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