Expert search tool
with groundbreaking capabilities and performance
Powerful yet easy to use
Any type of online search
Trained analysts available for ordered searches
Expert search tool Trademarks
Multicriteria Expert search tool Trademarks


100% control for the IP expert

IP experts have specific searches to perform. Multicriteria is THE tool for custom searches:

40 available search criteria
Boolean operators & wildcards
Search any character directly (Arabic, Chinese,…)
All goods & services translated to English
Wordmark similarity Expert search tool Trademarks

Wordmark similarity

From knock-out to full similarity

Perform availability searches with unprecedented effectiveness:

Algorythms propose search strategy
Search strategy can be manually adapted if needed
Results ranked by relevance
Share results with external agents for local opinion integration
Figurative Mark Similarity (AI) Expert search tool Trademarks

Figurative Mark Similarity (AI)

Revolution in logo/device search

This technology is a true revolution in the figurative mark simlilarity search:

Reliable compared to error-prone Vienna classes
Fast & Inexpensive
Watch video
Offline searches Expert search tool Trademarks

Offline searches

Order offline searches performed by trained analysts

Searches are customized with client interaction
Upload results for analysis and opinion generation
Share results with external agents for local opinion integration
Customize search reports for clients
Alerts Expert search tool Trademarks


Be notified of future important events

IP experts often need to track potential new events like competitor activity and similar trademark filings:

Track trademark or design updates
Create alerts for any query
Choose alert frequency
Notification sent by email
Analytics Expert search tool Trademarks


Get great business insights
Find clear answers to multiple business questions

Exhaustive analysis of owners
(portfolio, activity, involved ip firms, etc…)
Representative analysis and benchmarking
Prospect list creation based on location, activity area, etc…
Ideal for conference and meeting preparation