TradeMark offline searching

Fovea IP offers 4 types of clearance searches: design/figurative mark similarity searches, word similarity searches, knock-out word mark searches and phonetically identical searches.

Owners, In-Use searches are also available plus Alerts and Analytics.

Clearance search of a design/figurative mark (resemblance)

AI Figurative similarity is a revolutionary logo/device search algorithm powered by AI (Artificial intelligence). The technology bears resemblances with human fingerprints or face recognition. It retrieves most similar records based on image recognition.

Since it is independent of the error-prone Vienna classification it substantially increases reliability at unforeseen speed and unbeatable cost.

Clearance search of a wordmark (similarity search)

This is the traditional similarity search that has been performed manually since 100+ years. Computerization started in the seventies. Jacques Gevers and Yacine Harrati master this technology due to their unique experience and the sophistication and dedication of both our developers and our analysts.

Our quality, speed and reasonable pricing are unbeatable.

Knock-out search of a wordmark (one letter of difference)

This search identifies at a substantially discounted price identical, most phonetically identical and very similar wordmarks (one letter changed, deleted or added).

Phonetically identical search of a wordmark

This search identifies identical and most phonetically identical wordmarks.

Owners searches

Searches by owner’s name are also available including in countries using non-Latin characters.

In Use searches

An in-use search identifies a serious usage/lack of usage of a trademark for a given product or service.

Our Investigation services, which we farm out to a specialized firm, includes :

  • Executive summary on the trademark usage
  • Open-source research (OSINT – Open Source Intelligence)
  • Company records and information
  • Website and domain analysis
  • Professional and social media check
  • Internet search term trends
  • Media and advertising databases
  • Discrete phone and/or email contact with the mark holder and/or affiliates

Analytics and Alerts

Analytics and Alerts as described in the online section are also available offline.