Meet the team

Fovea IP’s team

Fovea IP created a team of the world’s most qualified industry professionals and IP algorithm experts. Our diverse team originates from all around the world. Please meet our customer facing and our leadership teams.

Sales team Europe

Katja Borstel

Business Development Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Hamburg, Germany

Pauline Déom

Business Development French Speaking Regions
Brussels, Belgium

Patrice Vekemans

Business Development Europe
Brussels, Belgium

Rik Minoodt

Business Development Northern Europe
Brussels, Belgium

Ludovico Megalini

Business Development Southern Europe & Middle East
Brussels, Belgium

Sales team Asiapac

Amanda Good

Business Development Australia & New Zealand
Adelaide, Australia

Steve Kim

Business Development Korea
Seol, Korea

Rick Xu

Business Development China & Hong Kong
Beijing, China

Sales team Japan

Arjen van Blokland

Business Development Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Ken-Ichiro Sato

Country head of Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Sales team U.S.

Gary Borquez

Business Development West Coast US
California, US

Dan Yeatts

Business Development in the East Coast US
Maryland, US

Analyst team

Nikolina Matecko

OPS Team Leader
Brussels, Belgium

Content team

Nathalie Maret

Data Quality Manager
Brussels, Belgium

Customer support team

Muriel Sartori

Senior Support and Customer Service Representative
Malaga, Spain

Company accounting

Abdellah Si-Ahmed

Director of Finance
Brussels, Belgium

Fovea IP’s Leadership

The leadership of The Fovea IP Group is trusted to our industry experts Yacine Harrati and Willem Lagemaat. They both have a long career and track record in the field of IP information. Their rich experience and divers composition ensures a steady and solid management team capable of managing growth and meeting customers’ demands.

Yacine Harrati

CEO Fovea IP
Brussels, Belgium

Willem Geert Lagemaat

VP Sales & Marketing & CEO Lighthouse IP
Amsterdam, the Netherlands