Cookie policy

Safeguarding Your Privacy, Our Priority, Our Protection

We employ standard technology known as “cookies” and web server logs to gather insights into the usage of our service, akin to other commercial websites.

Understanding Cookies and Data Collection

Cookies, integral to web browser software, enable web servers to identify the computer accessing a website. These small data fragments are stored by a user’s web browser on their hard drive.

Cookies vary in type and data collection purposes. Information gleaned from cookies and web server logs may encompass visit timestamps, viewed pages, duration spent on our site, as well as websites visited before and after ours.

During your website visits, temporary “session” cookies may be placed on your device to facilitate navigation and confirm your identity. These session cookies are automatically deleted upon closing your browsing session. The data collected via session cookies is aggregated, ensuring individual anonymity.

Third-party Analytics Services

We may utilize third-party services to gather data on user interactions with our site, enabling us to generate reports and enhance functionality. Some of these services gather aggregated non-personal information, including browser-sent data with web page requests, IP addresses, visit durations, and referral sources (e.g., search engines or social media).

Managing Your Cookies

Since many websites, including ours, rely on cookies or similar tracking tools to customize user experiences, most internet browsers are initially configured to accept them. You have the option to disable cookies or tracking tools via your browser settings, though certain website features may not function optimally without them. Please refer to your browser settings for guidance on disabling cookies if needed.

``Do Not Track`` Feature

Certain modern internet browsers offer a “Do Not Track” feature, signaling websites that you prefer not to be tracked while browsing. Websites vary in their response to this signal, given the lack of standardized interpretation. As such, our website does not currently acknowledge the browser’s Do Not Track signal, and most cookies will persist until manually deleted.