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Results up to five times faster and 60% more affordable

Fovea IP is the only provider worldwide offering all global IP data including domain names on one platform

With the usual high performance, you search domain names providing the same user experience as for searching all other IP data types. Access is made via the same intuitive interface that Fovea IP already made available for trademarks, patents, designs and pharmaceutical. By combining these data sources, Fovea IP is the only provider worldwide where you can search all intellectual property data on one platform, with one interface.

You can select the various modules to search, analyse and report domain names efficiently and professionally up to five times faster and 60% more affordable.

Results in just 5 simple steps

  1. Select the geographical region;
  2. Create your search strategy using 40 search criteria options;
  3. Analyze your data;
  4. Sort and select the info the way you want to present it to your client;
  5. Produce your tailor-made / customized report with the text and graphics you choose.

Search modules

You can generate relevant searches depending on your needs.

Multicriteria search

Most IP professionals’ search needs are specific, depending on the matter at hand. The multicriteria search module is the ideal tool for that. Combine more than 40 different search criteria with Boolean operators and use wildcards to further refine searched results.

Extra services included

Toolkit for data analysis

  • Fovea IP makes a complete and innovative toolkit available to effectively analyze data with various and intuitive filters, sorting and highlighting functions.
  • Adaptive display options allow you to see the data in a relevant way (detail, list, gallery, design, infographic, and map views).

Customized reporting

  • Search results can be easily reported using customizable reports with various possibilities to adapt the content (such as style and more) based on needs.
  • Completely customized templates can be created for Word or Excel and shared with other users

The most responsive customer support included

Fovea IP offers the most responsive customer support in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

Our client support team consists of experienced IP professionals. They are at your disposal via email ( or by telephone (+32 2 4253537) to answer any question you might have on quotations, general information, technical assistance and other queries during business hours Monday through Friday.

Online training free of charge

Fovea IP’s tools are intuitive and easy to use. We frequently organize training webinars and private training sessions free of charge.

The online platform is available in 10 different languages

  1. English (UK)
  2. English (US)
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Dutch
  6. Italian
  7. Spanish
  8. Portuguese
  9. Chinese
  10. Japanese

The most complete global data coverage

The Fovea IP database comprises over 300 million domain names, including:
– All .COM, .EU and national extensions.
– Over 1,200 ‘generic Top-Level Domains’.
– Over 300 ‘country code Top-Level Domains’.
– The new ccTLDs and gTLDs are added as soon as available.

All above domains are constantly updated. Click here for the latest overview with registers and countries.

The contents of the Fovea IP domain name database are provided by a third party.


Online access is offered with a fixed fee for unlimited use. Fovea IP offers unbeatable prices for high-quality global IP search & watch services.

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