Ordered Watches

Ordered watches, analyses and reports

Our ordered watch solution allows you to work smarter and faster

Brand watching is a crucial but time-consuming activity. Fovea IP makes a difference by helping clients save time through various features while ensuring quality, relevance, and timeliness of notifications.

Fovea IP offers four IP watch possibilities.

Trademark watches

A trademark frequently stands as a company’s primary asset, and safeguarding its integrity is paramount. Monitoring trademarks is a crucial yet labor-intensive task. Fovea IP distinguishes itself by assisting clients in saving time through a range of features, all the while guaranteeing the quality, relevance, and promptness of notifications. Fovea IP promptly notifies clients upon the publication of marks for opposition across various jurisdictions. We provide reports on trademarks identical or similar to the monitored trademark within the designated classes. Additionally, we flag trademarks that are phonetically similar in associated classes.

Owner watches

Gain competitive insights through trademark monitoring. Keep track of new trademarks published by specific owners or applicants. This watch could be useful for staying updated on your competitors but also for broader insights into the industry.

Company name watches

Monitor the registration of identical company names and receive notifications for new company names registered either globally or in relevant countries.

Domain name watches

The Fovea IP platform monitors domain names and includes typosquatting. The database comprises over 300 million domain names, including:

  • All .com, .eu and national extensions;
  • Over 1,200 ‘generic Top-Level Domains’;
  • Over 300 ‘country code Top-Level Domains’;
  • The new ccTLDs and gTLDs are added as soon as available.

Check Fovea IP's time saving features on watching

  • Highlighting key goods and services across watch results;
  • Informing if identical word marks have been notified earlier;
  • Key information on the published marks owner and opposition activity;
  • Prior rights information;
  • Access to key information on how and with whom to file an opposition for each jurisdiction (see Opposition Connector);
  • A unique ability to analyze and decrease the number of irrelevant notifications sent;
  • Sending clients personalized notifications including advice with just one click;
  • Editing and managing watch portfolios directly simplifying the administration of watch portfolio.

Our unique services for watching

Boomerang prior rights search and the Opposition Connector.

Boomerang prior rights search

This search provides any potential opposer with all the information they need regarding the rights that the potential defender owns, which they could use for a counterattack against any rights owned by the potential opposer.

If such rights exist, the Boomerang prior rights search warns the potential opposer about the existence of these rights that could ‘boomerang’ against one or more potential opposer’s rights. (This search is made available on Fovea IP’s platform.)

The Boomerang prior rights search reports all existing applications/registrations filed or registered by the(potential) defender:

  • In the (potential) defender’s home country, or
  • In the opposition jurisdiction, plus
  • Worldwide, for any mark that is identical to the mark to be opposed.

This search is limited to the class(es) that are common to the potential opposer’s and the potential defender’s marks. Or should there be no common class, to any class selected by the potential opposer.

Opposition deadlines

Watching reports are usually sent a few days after the publication of the mark and, in general, well before the expiration of the opposition deadline.

In the rare cases where we cannot meet this deadline (usually due to unforeseen circumstances out of Fovea IP’s control), the report will be sent as soon as possible.

The opposition connector

Fovea IP actively monitors thousands of trademarks worldwide. We have added the Opposition Connector feature in our platform which means that when our clients review their watch notices, they gain access to contacts and opposition requirements for the relevant register(s) with just one click, directly from the watch notices themselves.

When law firms register for this feature, their name can be seen and selected by our clients to be their representative in filing the opposition.

Our analysts are available for you

Our experienced analyst team is available by email or telephone while the search or monitoring is being conducted and/or after the report has been sent.

Nice, Vienna, Locarno
Except in rare cases where manual search is necessary, the use of artificial intelligence enables us to no longer rely on the assistance of Nice, Vienna, or Locarno classes.

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