Marksmen Investigations & IP acquisitions

Your 'secret weapon' for brand intelligence

Fovea IP and Marksmen join forces

Marksmen services now exclusively available in the Fovea IP platform

Ready to conduct deep research or targeted acquisitions of certain Fovea IP search results? Fovea clients now have the exclusive ability to seamlessly request Marksmen’s global investigations and IP acquisitions from within the Fovea platform.

Marksmen’s investigative capabilities are almost infinite

Marksmen investigates trademarks, companies, products, domain names, people or anything else you need to know.

Impossible information, impossibly fast

With over 25 years’ experience and 120,000 cases, Marksmen has refined the fine art of gathering actionable intelligence and quickly identifying clues that lead to the answers you need.

Affordable local investigations, anywhere in the world

Brand troubles on the other side of the world? Marksmen has your back. Our team of local investigators spans the globe. Affordably and discreetly gather your needed evidence, in person and in the local language—anywhere, any time.

Expertly acquire intellectual property

Marksmen can help you quietly and affordably own that needed IP. We anonymously acquire domain names, trademarks, social media handles, patents, trade dress or any other intangible asset you may need.

Why Marksmen?

What is the secret to Marksmen’s ongoing “Highly Recommended” WTR rating from top brands and law firms? Here are the answers:

  1. We guarantee the quality and accuracy of our work.
  2. Our creativity, clever thinking, and expertise lead to exceptional results.
  3. We work harder and do more. That’s why we find the answers.
  4. We are trustworthy, reliable, and take pride in everything we do.
  5. We are laser-focused and agile, complementing the urgency of our clients.
  6. We maintain absolute confidentiality.
  7. We follow high ethical standards.

Got a Tough One? We’ll Get it Done!

A simple inquiry could help you solve a complex IP problem.