Mission and Values

We empower IP professionals to work smarter, faster and reduce costs.

It is Fovea IP’s mission to empower IP professionals worldwide with the most responsive, relevant and reasonably priced global IP services to maximize growth and reduce risks.

We are your experienced partner for the identification and protection of intellectual property along the full life cycle of the innovation process, aligned with your business goals. We make sure you see all possibilities and protect all your client’s assets, to get maximum results from their brands, products, services, and reputation.


The Fovea IP platform processes up to five times faster than average, thanks in part to our in-house developed search algorithm. It covers most of the IP needs instantly and intuitively, with one integrated workflow, tools, templates, APIs and personalized reporting options. Fovea IP also offers the most responsive customer support in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.


Fovea IP developed a platform offering the most relevant and complete IP data worldwide in terms of ranking, classification, countries, etc. That’s because of 15 years of specific global search & watch experience and proprietary data directly from the various PTOs and published gazettes.

Reasonably priced

Fovea IP’s proprietary data and in-house developed technology and a revolutionary way of pricing add up to higher efficiency and reduced costs. That’s why Fovea IP offers the most affordable pricing up to 60% less costly than average market prices.

Your true eye-opening global IP partner

At Fovea IP, our values define who we are. We empower IP professionals with efficient tools, prioritizing reliability, honesty, innovation, flexibility, promptness, and continuous learning.

Reliability and honesty are non-negotiable; they build trust and respect. Innovation drives our progress, while flexibility enables us to adapt swiftly. Promptness underscores our commitment to exceptional service. We value continuous learning, fostering personal and professional growth.

We are honored to be your true eye-opening global IP partner.