Fovea IP offers unbeatable prices for high-quality global IP Search & Watch services

How Fovea IP offers up to 60% less costly

Proprietary Data Collection
Fovea IP takes a unique approach to collecting global IP data, managing the process entirely in-house through its partner Lighthouse IP. This ensures controlled costs and a higher level of quality, as compared to competitors relying on external sources.

Advanced Search-Monitoring System
Central to Fovea IP’s cost-efficient strategy is its advanced search and monitoring system. Leveraging advanced AI technologies developed in-house, Fovea IP accelerates and enhances processes, minimizing the time and resources needed for comprehensive brand analyses.

Revamped Pricing Model
However, the most remarkable aspect of Fovea IP’s cost-efficient approach lies in its pricing model. Unlike traditional models that base prices on the number of registers, Fovea IP considers the volume of data. This paradigm shift challenges the notion that EU27 searches should be 27 times more expensive than searches in a single country. Fovea IP’s rationale is straightforward: the EU27 does not inherently contain 27 times more data to analyze than a single-country search. In reality, an EU27 search typically contains only about four times more data to assess than a search in one country. This is primarily due to the presence of numerous small trademark registers within the EU27, which make minimal contributions to the overall search effort. Notably, registers of France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Benelux are among the larger registers, while others within the EU27 are relatively small and contribute minimally to the search effort.

With Fovea IP, accessing EU27 search similarities for international projects is made accessible to all, thanks to a pricing system that aligns with actual data volume. Join us in revolutionizing IP search and monitoring with fair, transparent pricing tailored to your needs.