Your order

Ordered searches are generated:

  • based on your needs and requests,
  • by experienced analysts.

The results are made available on your account as explained below.


The results are made available (free of charge) on your account. This allows you to:

  • use many analytical tools

  • generate personalized reports as required by you.


Goods and services are reported in the original language and translated in English.

The reports are produced in Chinese, Dutch English, French, German, , Spanish, Italian or Japanese.


Word trademarks that are published in non-Latin characters are transliterated into Latin characters.

For Chinese characters:

  • For China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Taiwan, the Chinese characters and their transliteration are searched and watched as world trademarks.
  • In the other registers, the Chinese characters are considered as figurative elements.

Opposition deadlines

Watching reports are usually sent a few days after the publication of the mark and, in general, well before the expiration of the opposition deadline.

In the rare cases where we cannot meet this deadline (usually due to unforeseen circumstances out of FOVEA IP’s control), the report will be sent as soon as possible.