About us


The FOVEA IP group was created by the merger of the two main global Intellectual Property data suppliers, Lighthouse IP (Amsterdam) and IPSensus (Brussels), with the collaboration of several experimented IP algorithms developers, including the BCK team (Munich).



The FOVEA IP group has three main activities:

➜ Supplying – by non-exclusive licensing – the largest global collection of Intellectual Property data namely trademarks, patents and designs filed/ registered throughout the world.

➜ Providing online search tools covering all Intellectual Property rights: patents, trademarks, designs and domain names.

➜ Searching trademarks, designs and/or domain names either globally or limited to the country (or group of countries) as ordered by the client. Supplying customized reports.


The Fovea IP team consists of more than 200 individuals who are mainly located in the following countries:

➜ for the collection and massaging of the databases: Belgium, China, Egypt, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Thailand, and the United States.

➜ for the search and watch analysis: Belgium and the United States.