Why Fovea IP

What clients say about us

Fovea IP offers the strong combination of very effective online tool with great client responsiveness when support is needed.
Partner of Gevers
Marks and Clerck
The Fovea IP platform is very useful and easy to use.
Researcher at Marks & Clerk
Marks and Clerck
User-friendly and comprehensive. The FoveaIP team is always there to help and offer guidance
Eduardo Zamora Lawyer
Member of the Executive Management Giro Martinez

Solutions for our customers

For corporations

  • Deal with pressure of more demands and shorter deadlines
  • More productive interactions with marketing on new projects
  • Address budget constraints with more valuable subscriptions

For IP firms

  • Increase profitability by getting more done and reducing costs
  • Improve client service with increased responsiveness
  • Win new business with business analytics

About Fovea IP

Belgium has a long history of creating champions in trademark search and IP services. Fovea IP leverages decades of experience in IT and IP with a single goal: provide the IP professional with the best search services for trademarks and industrial designs based on two pillars:

Effective online tool for instant access to relevant information
Customer 1st service to provide optimal assistance whenever needed


fovea:  ˈfəʊviːə

The fovea is that part of the eye which ensures a sharp central vision.

The mission of fovea IP is to be "The sharp Eye on IP".

This results in key advantages for the IP professional

  • Saved time and increased client responsiveness
  • Increased decision quality with relevant and complete information
  • Controlled costs as subscription is fixed fee based