About us

Fovea IP is a global IP rights search and watch provider.

We are the result of the cooperation of two leading IP database providers (Lighthouse and IPSensus) and a team of seasoned and experienced IP algorithm developers. 

On January 1st  2022, Fovea IP merged with IPSensus to form a new Belgian company which, with its three subsidiaries, BCK (Germany), Lighthouse (The Netherlands) and Fovea IP (United States) forms a new bright star in the IP searching and watching world. 

Our group employs about 200 persons including 20 IT developers. 

Our management comprises some of the top professionals in our field:

  • Gary BORQUEZ
  • Mark COOKE
  • Pauline DEOM
  • Jacques GEVERS
  • Yacine HARRATI
  • Florian KOCK
  • Willem LAGEMAAT
  • Patrice VEKEMANS

About Fovea IP

Belgium has a long history of creating champions in trademark search and IP services. Fovea IP leverages decades of experience in IT and IP with a single goal: provide the IP professional with the best search services for trademarks and industrial designs based on two pillars:

Effective online tool for instant access to relevant information
Customer 1st service to provide optimal assistance whenever needed

This results in key advantages for IP professional

  • Saves time and increases client responsiveness
  • Increases decision quality with relevant and complete information
  • Controls costs: fixed annual fees or individual tariffs

Adapted solutions

For corporations

  • Deal with pressure of more demands and shorter deadlines
  • More productive interactions with marketing on new projects
  • Address budget constraints with more valuable subscriptions

For IP firms

  • Increase profitability by getting more done and reducing costs
  • Improve client service with increased responsiveness
  • Win new business with business analytics
Increase profitability by getting more done and reducing costs

Experts available to help you
Dedicated support

  • Analysts set up searches based on customers'needs
  • Our analysts give you all the time and support needed during business hours
  • Short delivery times possible thanks to a powerful algorithm
  • Assistance when performing any search
  • Information regarding specific records
  • Customer onboarding available

Some of our clients

Did you know ?

fovea:  ˈfəʊviːə

The fovea is the part of the eye which ensures a sharp central vision.

The mission of fovea IP is to be
"The sharp Eye on IP".