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Check instantly availability of a trademark (verbal or figurative) locally up to worldwide

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Access key business intelligence
information within PTO data

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Fovea IP provides rankings of TOP25 Trade Mark Attorney Firms based on the number of applications in 2019.


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About us

The fovea is that part of the eye which ensures a sharp central vision.
The mission of fovea IP is to be "The sharp Eye on IP".

Belgium has a long history of creating champions in trademark search and IP services. Fovea IP leverages decades of experience in IT and IP with a single goal: provide the IP professional with the next generation expert trademark search tool.

Based on big-data, artificial intelligence and specific IP algorithms, Fovea IP delivers instant access to relevant information.

This results in key advantages for the IP professional

  • Saved time and increased client responsiveness
  • Increased decision quality with relevant and complete information
  • Controlled costs as subscription is fixed fee based

As a complement to the online tool, Fovea IP has a team of experienced analysts to conduct similarity searches if needed. The results are uploaded to the user platform account, ensuring seamless analysis, opinion generation and report generation.
Prices for offline searches are reasonable making sure the relevant scope is selected depending on the project. For example, a EU28 search prior to the filing of a EUIPO trademark.

Please contact us at to learn more about our pricing or to simply discuss options