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Fovea IP provides an overview of the key players in the IP industry in Europe through 32 rankings.

On a European Union level with the 2018 TOP 250 EU Trade Mark Attorney Firms.

#1 NOVAGRAAF 25 642
#2 GEVERS 16 885
#4 ...


On a National level with 32 rankings for each single EU 28 member state, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.


Click here for the rankings, free of charge

About us

We are business professionals with a combined experience in IP, IT and marketing.
The fovea is that part of the eye which ensures a sharp central vision.
The mission of fovea IP is to be "The sharp Eye on IP".

Our strength is the quality combination of:

  • IT expertise that provides us with up-to-date information on millions of trademarks and designs.
  • IP experience which helps us fine-tune algorithms and functionalities to respond to client needs.
  • Our Marketing conviction that “customer first” makes the difference on the long run in client acquisition and retention.
This allows us to filter and analyse the data and give accurate responses to your individual questions. We use more than 30 criteria to make our database relevant to you. Our prices are reasonable. Ask us for a quote.