Additional classes

For marks, Fovea IP’s price guide covers a search or a watch in one Nice class. Any additional class is charged an additional 20% of the first class.

Any class above 11 is not charged (price cap of +200%).


This price guide is in Euros. Contact us for our US$ price guide.

Reduced prices

FOVEA IP owns and licenses the highest quality IP databases across the world (see page 2 of the price guide).

Free access to this database enables FOVEA IP to operate at very competitive prices.

In addition, for ordered searches, FOVEA IP uses reduced prices in the following cases:

  • Phonetically identical searches: 50% reduction from the similarity search prices.
    No class supplements are charged.
  • Screening searches: 50% reduction from the similarity search prices.
  • List only search: the client selects himself the pertinent marks on FOVEA IP’s search platform. Here, Fovea IP charges 50% of the price for a complete search as though performed by our analysts.

Fast Track pricing

    Additional cost
Standard 3 business days /
Express 2 business days 25%
Immediate 1 business day 50%
Same day By order 100%


For same-day and next-day delivery orders, please specify the expected date and time of delivery on our platform. 

Orders placed after 6pm will be taken into consideration the following day.

Discounts for larger clients

We offer the following discounts to larger clients that, for ordered searches and watches, have a combined annual turnover as shown on the table below provided the client pays all invoices ’30 days end of month’ and benefits from no other arrangement.

  • 10 KEUR annual invoicing: 5%
  • 40 KEUR annual invoicing: 10%
  • 70 KEUR annual invoicing: 15%
  • 100 KEUR annual invoicing: 20%

An annual credit note is issued each February. This must to be used to settle any future invoices.


Rounding can create small differences between this price guide and the actual billing.
Prices published in our price guides are subject to change without notice, including when a price would have been misprinted. Our G, T & Cs apply at all times.