Fovea IP: Your Unbeatable Edge in Filing Trademark Oppositions

Timing is crucial

In the competitive world of intellectual property (IP), timing is crucial. For trademark holders, filing an opposition swiftly can make all the difference in protecting their brand. With Fovea IP, you’re equipped with the timely information needed to file an opposition whenever necessary.

Here’s why our Watching Services are unmatched and how they can benefit you as an attorney:

Access to the Most Relevant Data

Fovea IP offers access to the most comprehensive proprietary database, courtesy of Lighthouse IP. Our database covers over 195 countries, more than any other competitor in the market, ensuring you stay informed about global trademark activity.

Real-Time Updates

Fovea IP ensures continuous data updates through seamless platform integration. This means you receive the most current and comprehensive IP data, whether through ordered watches or self-conducted queries on our online search and watch platform.

Immediate Alerts

Upon receiving a watch notice or conducting a query, Fovea IP quickly identifies significant similarities. Clients can promptly alert their brand owners, enabling them to instruct attorneys to prepare and file oppositions well within the opposition period.

Prompt Action

With the latest information and timely alerts, brand owners can quickly instruct their attorneys to draft and file oppositions, ensuring they are well within the opposition period.
In the IP realm, it’s not just about having access to data; it’s about having access to the most relevant data. Fovea IP understands this distinction and ensures our clients maintain the sharpest eye on global IP activity.

With Fovea IP, you’re always one step ahead in safeguarding your clients’ valuable intellectual property assets.

Fovea IP: Unbeatable. The Sharpest Eye on Global IP.

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