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Fovea IP empowers IP professionals worldwide with the most responsive, relevant and reasonably priced IP services.

Your unique IP solution to work smarter and faster

The Fovea IP platform processes up to five times faster than average, thanks in part to our in-house developed AI and internal search algorithm to uncover the most precise and succinct findings overlooked by current IP service providers. It covers most of the IP needs instantly and intuitively, with one integrated workflow, tools, templates, APIs and personalized reporting options.

Fovea IP also offers the most responsive customer support in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

Fovea IP developed a platform offering the most relevant and complete intellectual property data worldwide in terms of ranking, classification, countries, etc. That’s because of 15 years+ of experience and proprietary data of Lighthouse IP directly from the various PTOs and published gazettes.

Fovea IP covers: 196+ trademark registers + 50 US states, 170+ patent registers, 101 industrial design registers, 87 pharmaceutical databases and 1519 domain name extensions.

Reasonably priced
Fovea IP’s proprietary data and in-house developed technology add up to higher efficiency and reduced costs. That’s why Fovea IP offers the most affordable pricing up to 60% less costly than average market prices.

Please feel free to download our price guide or contact us with any IP inquiry. We’re happy to help.